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Citizens’ Observatories for outdoor air quality goes public!

    After months of intensive work of preparation, we can now proudly announce the public launch of eight Citizens’ Observatories (COs) for outdoor air quality. This is the last part in a series of COs in CITI-SENSE. 12  COs for indoor air quality in schools have started their work in spring this year, as well as four COs for personal comfort (see Newsletter no 9).
    The COs for outdoor air quality make use of both static and portal sensors that provide near real-time air quality information in eight European cities (Barcelona, Belgrade, Edinburgh, Haifa, Ljubljana, Oslo, Ostrava, Vienna). The data is made visible through widgets and mobile applications. Citizens have the opportunity to provide feedback and share information through a mobile application or internet based questionnaires and web portals. The CITI-SENSE Citizens’ Observatory web portal is connecting all local initiatives. More information will follow throughout the next months.