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The main aim of WP5 is to propose and help implement a sound, coherent and productive approach to citizen participation and empowerment, to the engagement of public authorities, and to better decision making, in each empowerment initiative (EI) of CITI-SENSE and across CITI-SENSE as a whole. After evaluating the work carried out in this WP, general lessons that can inform future citizen observatories will be drawn. The specific objectives of WP5 are to:
a. Define state-of-the-art knowledge of what is effective in citizens’ participation and ensure that common principles and criteria are established to inform the multi-dimensional multi-centred empowerment initiatives envisaged for CITI-SENSE;
b. Propose a methodology for (i) citizen empowerment; (ii) engagement of public authorities and (iii) their integration in participative decision-making in close collaboration with each empowerment initiative team, and support and provide guidance to the EI teams and city teams in its implementation;
c. Ensure that the processes of engagement, participation and decision-making are as coherent as practicable while respecting the specifics of each local situation;
d. Co-ordinate the analysis of information about participation, acceptance and decision-making across activities and locations.

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