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The main aim of WP4 is to provide a one-point access to the citizens’ observatories created in this project, facilitating thus sustainable public engagement. The WP focuses on the concept and strategy to support project activities through the development of theory and methods along the information chain ‘participation and empowerment – information products and services – communication platform – sensor platform’ (WPs 5-8), to the practical user cases of three EIs ‘urban quality – public spaces – school indoor quality’ across different cities (WPs 2-3). This WP will provide a central ‘exchange’ and access platform for all project products. It aims both to coordinate project activities to implement citizen observatory, and serve as a coordination activity in the 2nd phase of the project. The key objectives are thus:
1) to develop an overall strategy of CITI-SENSE – Citizens’ Observatory, including development of integrated standards and criteria for environmental monitoring and analysis across the project activities, to better serve the needs of integration and assessment of the project activities in the second phase;
2) in the light of inter-comparison and integration within each EI across cities, to identify the gaps and weakness of each EI in the first phase of the project. Based upon the gaps identified, to further specify the information and requirements needed to implement each EI across cities in the second phase of the project;
3) to develop protocols, tools and methods for integration and assessment of final results among EIs and within each EI across cities;
4) to develop a central online platform for exchange and access of all project products.

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